Head — Assoc.Prof., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics, Department of System Analysis and Decision Making Theory
The department trains bachelors under the educational program "System Analysis" and masters under the educational program "Systems and methods of decision-making".
Since 2001, the annual International Conference "Prediction and Decision Making under Uncertainties" has been held together with the Chairs of Operations Research and Applied Statistics.
"System Analysis", "Conflict-Controlled Systems", "Computer Networks", "System Optimization", "Decision Making Theory", "Computing Systems Architecture", "Introduction to Operations Research", "Operating Systems", "Statistical decision-making theory", "Theory of extreme problems", "Modern programming technologies", "Decision-making support systems", "Uncertainty and grouping of information", "Problems of applied system analysis".

Department of System Analysis and Decision Making Theory



9 teachers including 3 professors, 5 associate professors. 1 assistant. Among them are 4 doctors of sciences and 5 PhDs.



The employees of the department read 25 regulatory courses.



The Department of Systems Analysis and Decision Theory was founded in 1988


Full name: Office Research interests
Assoc. Prof. Olena A. Kapustian 402 problems of minimax estimation and prediction, system analysis and decision making theory, optimal control theory.
Prof. Oleksandr G. Nakonechniy 307 problems of decision making under conditions of uncertainty and problems of system analysis processes of different nature
Prof. Sergej O. Mashchenko 403 theory of decision-making, decision-making in conflict, uncertainty and fuzzy information.
Prof. Eugen V. Ivohin 404 studying the stability of dynamical systems, methods of internal support decision-making and development of implementation of automated information systems using databases.
Assoc. Prof. Galyna O. Dolenko 403 system optimization, management methodology development of socio-economic systems.
Assoc. Prof. Petro M. Zinko 604 development of numerical algorithms for solving stochastic min-max problems, development of algorithms for identification of dynamic objects, the development of numerical methods for solving the problems of the Cauchy boundary value problems, which are based on the theory of solving operators, the development of modeling the spread of the air pollution in aquatic environments, the use of algorithms theory of solving operators in medicine and ecology.
Assoc. Prof. Serhii M. Ivanov 403 Dynamical system modelling and stability investigation; fractal dimension analysis; differential equations on a compact smooth manifold; application of eigenvalues of square matrices; development of fundamentally new models of knowledge representation; decision making under uncertainties; nonlinear dynamics.
Assoc. Prof. MYKHAILO F. MAKHNO 403 information technologies, fuzzy linear programming problems
Assistant IULIIA M. SHEVCHUK 403 Minimax estimation theory, modeling of nonlinear processes