Assistant Professor


Position: Assistant Professor
Degree: сandidate of Physical and Mathematical Science
Room: 403
Phone: (044)259-05-34
Research interests: Minimax estimation theory, modeling of nonlinear processes


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2. Nakonechnyi O.G., Zinko P.M., Shevchuk I.M. Analysis the solutions of the differential non-linear equations describing the information spreading process with jump discontinuity // Matematychni Studii. – 2019. – 51(2). – P. 159-167.

3. Nakonechnyi O., Zinko P., Shevchuk I.  Guaranteed predictive estimation of solutions of system of differential equations with the Gompertzian dynamics // Mathematical Modeling and Computing. – 2019. – 6(1). – P.92-100. 

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