Alexander V. Marynych


Position: Prof.
Degree: Doctor with habilitation in Physics and Mathematics
Title: Професор
Room: 238
Phone: 521-32-02
Research interests: Regenerative random structures; functional limit theorems; probabilistic number theory; stochastic geometry; random analytic functions and their zeros; mod-phi convergence.

Academic awards:

1. Personal research grant by UC Berkeley Economics/Haas in the framework of U4U programme, 2022.

2. Gold Medal and Award of Ukraine Mathematics Competition 2020 for the best young Ukrainian mathematicians sponsored by The Shevchenko Scientific Society (USA) and The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, 2020. 

3. Scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for young doctors of sciences, 2020. 

4. The Ulam Stipend, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, 2020.

5. Prize of the President of Ukraine for young scientists, 2018.

6. LFUI Guest professorship at Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Physics, Leopold-Franzens- Universit ̈at Innsbruck (Austria), 2018.

7. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany), return fellowship, 2017–2018.

8. Grant of the President of Ukraine for young scientists, 2017.

9. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany), postdoctoral research fellowship, 2015–2017.

10. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, prize for the series of papers “Limit theorems for random discrete structures” (jointly with A. Iksanov), 2014.

11. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, award for young scientists for the series of papers “Limit theorems for regenerative random structures”, 2014.

12. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, award for the best student paper “On the number of collisions in beta(2,b)-coalescents”, 2008 


1. Algebra and geometry, bachelors, 1-st year, lectures.

2. Algebraic structures, cryptography and data security, bachelors, 3-rd year, lectures.

3. Algebraic structures, cryptography and data security, bachelors, 3-rd year, tutorials.

4. Probabilistic analysis of algorithms, bachelors, 4-th year, lectures.


1. Generalised convexity with respect to families of affine maps (with Z. Kabluchko and I. Molchanov), Israel Journal of Mathematics, 2023.

2. Facial structure of strongly convex sets generated by random samples (with I. Molchanov), Advances in Mathematics, 395, 108086, 2022.

3. Lah distribution: Stirling numbers, records on compositions, and convex hulls of high-dimensional random walks (with Z. Kabluchko), Probability Theory and Related Fields,  184, no. 3-4, 969–1028, 2022.

4. Cones generated by random points on half-spheres and convex hulls of Poisson point processes (with Z. Kabluchko, D. Temesvari and C. Thäle), Probability Theory and Related Fields, 170, no. 3, 1021-1061, 2019.

5. Limit theorems for the least common multiple of a random set of integers (with G. Alsmeyer and Z. Kabluchko), Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 372, no. 7, 4585–4603, 2019.

6. The collision spectrum of Lambda-coalescents (with A.Gnedin, A. Iksanov and M. Moehle), Annals of Applied Probability, 28, no. 6, 3857-3883, 2018.

7. A leader-election procedure using records (with G. Alsmeyer and Z. Kabluchko), Annals of Probability, 45, no, 6B, 4348-4388, 2017.

8. Asymptotics of random processes with immigration I: scaling limits (with A. Iksanov and M. Meiners), Bernoulli, 23, no. 2, 1233-1278, 2017.

9. Limit theorems for renewal shot noise processes with eventually decreasing response functions (with A. Iksanov and M. Meiners), Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 124, no.6, 2132-2170, 2014.

10. A Generalization of the Erdős–Turán Law for the Order of Random Permutation (with A. Gnedin and A. Iksanov), Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 21, no. 5, 715-733, 2012.

Curriculum Vitae