Doctoral Studies:


To be admitted to the Doctoral studies a candidate should have a Ph.D., scientific

achievements and published academic articles and books in the chosen field and be able

to conduct fundamental and applied scientific research of sufficiently high level.

Doctoral studies are funded:

● from the State budget

● at the expense of legal entities and individuals (on terms of the contract) - beyond

the state-financed openings

Training of the foreign nationals and stateless persons is performed on the basis


● international treaties of Ukraine;

● national programmes;

● agreements between the university and legal entities or individuals

University Doctorals:

 receive a state scholarship in case of enrollment on the state-financed openings

in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;

 non-resident Doctorals are provided with hostels for people who have no family

on the proof of their permanent residence

● Are entitled to annual vacation up to 2 months that is included in the total term of

the Doctoral studies.

Admission documents:

Admission document package

  • Application form (Template)
  • Individuals record file for Personnel Department
  • The list of published scientific articles, books and inventions (according to the
  • template, with indication of academic journals related to the field of dissertation
  • study) (Template)
  • Medical certificate of № 086/0 form
  • A Сopy of your Bachelor or Master degree certificate that states a Doctoral
  • Candidates qualifications (In case a relevant degree was obtained at foreign universities a copy of a nostrified certificate should be attached.
  • A copy of the certificate of academic title of the Associate Professor (Professor, Senior Researcher) (if available).
  • A detailed plan of the Thesis for the Doctoral degree.
  • A copy of the certificate of identification number assignment
  • 2 photocards (3x4)

Academic Programs:

Branch of knowledgeSpeciality

11 Mathematics and Statistics

113 Applied Mathematics

12 Information Technology

121 Software Engineering

122 Computer Science 

124 System Analysis

05 Social and Behavioral Sciences051 Economics