Head — Professor, Doctor of Physics and Math Provotar О.І.
Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics, Department of Intelligent Software Systems
Навчаючись на кафедрі, ви станете кваліфікованим спеціалістом по проектуванню та розробці різного роду програмного забезпечення та інтелектуальних інформаційних систем.
Кафедра інтелектуальних програмних систем спеціалізується в області комп'ютерних наук, штучного інтелекту та програмної інженерії.
Основи об'єктно-орієнтованого програмування, інформаційні системи, основи криптології, основи комп'ютерної графіки.

Department of Intelligent Software Systems



4 професора та доктора наук, 12 доцентів та 3 кандидата наук



Співробітники кафедри читають 57 нормативних та спеціальних курсів



Кафедра інформаційних систем була створена в травні 1990 року


Full name: Office Research interests
Prof. Oleksandr I. Provotar 606 theory of abstract computing structures (category theory), non-classical logics, bioinformatics, programming
Prof. Serhii L. Kryvyi 605 б automata theory, theory of Petri nets, software verification, discrete mathematics, computational complexity theory, recursion theory, technology of software creation, applied mathematical logic, graph theory, cryptography
Prof. Serhii V. Yershov 607 methods and technological tools for constructing intelligent software systems, model-driven software development, multi-agent software systems, fuzzy systems, high-performance and distributed computing, methods of parallel programming
Prof. Petro I. Stetsyuk 607 linear and nonlinear programming, methods for minimizing nonsmooth functions and their applications in block, matrix, polynomial and boolean optimization problems, mathematical and software of applied optimization problems
Assoc. Prof. Volodymyr P. Shevchenko 226 computational complexity, development of specialized software systems, management of information systems, presentation design
Assoc. Prof Yevhen O. Ivanov 607 information systems, data bases, computational complexity, parallel computing, graph theory
Assoc. Prof. Olha O. Slabospytska 607 expert and analytical support of processes of software engineering, methods and tools for improving of efficiency of software projects, approaches to quality reliability and assurance of software
Assoc. Prof. Oleksandr M. Khodzinskyi 608 discrete mathematics, theory of fuzzy sets, combinatorial optimization, intelligent information technology
Assoc. Prof. Oleksii I. Chentsov 608 discrete mathematics, category theory, type systems, generic programming, systems programming, reverse engineering and reengineering of software systems
Assoc. Prof. Oleksandr V. Halkin 607 Lie superalgebras, para-superalgebras, equations for particles with higher spins, quantum algebras, quantum field theory
Assoc. Prof. Maksym M. Veres 607 parallel and distributed computing, methods of object-oriented programming, information systems, information management
Assoc. Prof. Ievgen O. Demkivskyi 607 modeling and prediction of dynamic systems, construction of optimal decision-making support systems based on mathematical models and modern methods of management, technological and methodological aspects of e-learning
Assoc. Prof. Kostiantyn A. Zhereb 607 parallel computing, automated and semi-automated program transformation, software development processes
Assoc. Prof. Anatolii M. Petrushenko 608 transformation (grammatical-algebraic) method of analysis and synthesis of computing systems (software and hardware) and development supporting tools, analysis and synthesis of organizational and technical management systems based on workflow, computer systems of artificial intelligence
Assoc. Prof. Larysa O. Katerynych 607 artificial Intelligence, web-technology, computer graphics and animation, 3D-modeling
Assoc. Prof. Oksana S. Shkilniak 608 logical-mathematical tools of programs specification, mathematical logic, theoretical aspects of programming
Assist. Prof. Yulia O. Hryshko 608 multisets and their applications, theory of programming
Assist. Prof. Iaroslav M. Linder 608 practical stability of differential equations and inclusions, neural networks, cellular automata
Assist. Prof. Dmytro O. Terletskyi 608 Intellectual Information Systems, Knowledge Representation Models, Object-Oriented Programming, Metaprogramming, Generic Programming, Software Engineering, Mathematical Logic, Theory of Sets and Multisets, Automata Theory, Universal Algebras